Hoodia is big news in the weight loss industry, the next big thing firms are advertising to encourage dieters to cough up and buy their products. It is Hoodia Gordonii, not a new invention, but one getting new attention as the fight against fat continues.

Generally, once a diet supplement is given extensive media publicity, it is probably related to something pessimistic. In recent years, there have been reports on the health issues associated with numerous weight loss preparations that did nothing to burn fat but much to harm hearts and wallets.

With Hoodia, there is attention, but it is completely different; Oprah Winfrey, well- known for her long battles with weight, offered an fair report on Hoodia in her magazine, while respected news reporter Lesley Stahl took Hoodia in its purest form for a article on 60 Minutes. National and International media have given Hoodia Gordonii quite a bit of exposure and while not everybody claims it is the magic bullet to losing weight, there are few bad things to say about it.

The technical name is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a prickly plant and has the capability to store water in its roots and thick stems. Because the Hoodia plant is common to the desert, the water stores help it to hold up in the heat.

Hoodia is native to South Africa, nethertheless, it may also be found in other desert regions. The Hoodia plant is categorized by its cactus-like faade, green stalks enclosed in sharp spikes, and by the brown/pink buds that sometimes grow from the stalks.

Cut away the spikes and dig into the flesh of the plant, and you have the main ingredient for a great appetite suppressor. It is thought that the dietary advantages to taking Hoodia were discovered in Africa, by people who had originally used the plant for other medicinal purposes.

Noting that individuals who ate the plant were able work for an extended period of time without eating as much, these same people realised the plant could act as an appetite suppressant. As demonstrated by the many media reports done on Hoodia before, ingesting the plant can lead a person to desire less food and in turn lose weight.

While more stringent scientific study has revealed that it is not wholly conclusive that Hoodia works for everybody as a weight loss supplement, no serious side effects are reported.However, informal tests of Hoodia in an extracted variety has revealed loss of appetite in some users.

As with taking any diet supplement, it is important to remember that a supplement is just that. It is an aid, not the only solution to safe, effectual weight loss. Teamed up with with a good eating program and exercise, a supplement can drastically boost your weight loss if taken in the right manner. In this instance, Hoodia is bound to be effective.

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