BMI or Body Mass Index is a barometer that helps calculate someone’s weight ratio compared to his height. The BMI calculation for both males and females do not differ given that merely the weight and height will be the criteria involved, consequently a BMI calculator works for both genders. BMI can help you figure out how much weight you have to drop, if necessary, and what level of weight the body should maintain to have it normal territory.

A lot more people are interested to find out their BMI seeing that obesity is becoming a major issue nowadays. Practically nothing elaborate or difficult with it and there are even several sites with a BMI calculator where users just have to indicate how much they weigh as well as their height. After a couple of seconds you will have a in front of you. The results of a BMI calculator are even used in medical underwriting by private health insurance companies.

Based on the increasing probability of chronic diseases as well as fatality caused by obesity, the WHO or World Health Organisation has established several categories to classify BMI. In these categories, a BMI index of 25 to 29.9 is recognized as overweight, a BMI index of 30 to 39.9 is obese, and a BMI of over 40 is known as morbid obesity. The target for all is to gain a BMI rating of under 25 to stay in the weight category deemed as healthy.

Despite the fact that the BMI calculator employs the same approach for females and males, the categories differ amongst the two sexes. Women genetically carry more fat in there bodies, whereas males have more muscle in them.

The BMI index categorizes a person’s overall health percentile rating through a BMI calculator that designates a particular category. It might not be a diagnostic tool, nonetheless a BMI calculator can easily determine the morbidity or mortality potential for a person. This way, a physician can detect whether one is at health risk.

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