Many people have differing tastes so when it comes to having hot sauce there are many people who have different opinions, while some people might think that their recipe and idea is the greatest thing since sliced bread others may think that the idea itself was forged in the depths of Hades as it was that bad. Hot sauce can quite literally go on any meal and the most serious of fans will delight in the results. Here we will look at a few of the very best and maybe some of the more unusual foods that many people enjoy to have pepper sauce on.

Many people find that the top foods to have hot sauce with are the bland and normally tasteless foods that are just shouting for some flavor, for instance having a dash of hot sauce on your eggs in the morning is not only a sure fire (pun intended) way to waken you up in the morning but is also an effective way to liven up what can normally be dull egg-whites. In the same vein, having some hot sauce added to plain boiled rice another food that can be very bland and uninspiring when served by itself again is transformed into a spicy and exciting food that folks will be demanding more of!

Another obvious food choice that hot sauce can add flavor to is chicken, even though chicken is lovely to have on its own with no added flavors it is one of a rare breed of food that is a blank canvas letting you add a variety of differing spices to it to make something entirely different and yet just as or even more tasty than the blank plain starting product! Adding a little hot sauce onto chicken will help satisfy most people and for the more adventurous eaters out there the hotter sauces such as Franks Insanity Sauce will have a wonderfully positive effect on the flavor of the chicken without the sauce being over powered by the chicken taste.

Soup is also a unique way to use hot sauce, many people already add some pepper to soup for that extra dose of flavor and kick however how about stepping this up a notch and adding some Tabasco sauce! This will make the normally warm and hearty meal even more enjoyable, the hot sauce will melt away in the broth of the soup however the taste will be prominent but not over powering to the meal.

Adding hot sauce to salsa, especially to go with nachos is always a firm favorite at parties, the contradiction between cooling sour cream and the additionally spicy salsa (never mind the addition of alcohol) will make your party go down in the memories of your friends, also using this as a party game by increasingly adding more hotter sauces to the mix to see which one of your friends can handle the heat is also a fun way to introduce hot sauce to food.

One of the most unique ways of enjoying hot sauce is simply by adding it to sweets and baking products as nowadays sweets with added chilli can be bought in most supermarkets. So while making your special sponge cakes using a drop of hot sauce, or adding a dribble to your ice cream may sound like a disaster waiting to happen, you should never judge a book by its cover and consider the many Michelin star restaurants that are now serving these fiery products!

Overall hot sauce can practically go onto any food and be enjoyed, just ask the countless fans the product has around the world, it will make any boring food exciting, it can make already tasty food tastier and it may even provide you with some surprises when tasted in something you wouldn’t expect!

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