When you are on a diet, you should know you’ll be expected to restrict your appetite at certain times. Eating a healthy diet is really important, and you don’t have to starve yourself to get there. If you want to get your diet under control, it will require a change in foods and eating schedules.

Your food choices are the first thing you should address as they have a big influence on the operation of your appetite. Foods high in short-chain carbohydrates, such as starchy food, white processed flour, and sugar, are usually high in empty calories and turn into sugar in your system fast. Why is this distinction important? Carbs that act like this pump your blood sugar very high initially and then drop it quickly. When your blood sugar becomes low like this, you want to eat again. The answer is to eat complex carbohydrate foods – such as whole grains and vegetables – and protein. This will keep your blood sugar consistent for a long time and you won’t want to eat so frequently. The glycemic index (GI) classifies carbohydrates, and the higher the rating, the quicker the rise in blood sugar is triggered by the food. If a food is low on the glycemic index (GI), the slow absorption of the food lets your blood sugar level rise slowly and evenly, with no spikes.

Staying away from all the foods you love won’t help you in the fight to keep your appetite satiated. It may sound weird, but this includes foods like pizza or ice cream. The secret is to only eat such foods occasionally, and then in moderation. Removing these foods will not help you in the goal of maintaining your diet. Lots of people struggle with maintaining a balance between eating too much and not enough.

You can indulge a little here and there. Moderation is a great lesson to learn when you are trying to keep your diet on track.

If you can be intentional about choosing your food each day, then you will be well on your way to controlling your appetite better. Overeating can be too easy when we don’t control how much we eat in a day and at what times. You can always learn new things when it comes to your appetite, so don’t be discouraged and start trying some of the ideas we’ve presented.

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