One of the reasons that Subway Calorie Counter is searched so frequently everyday is because the sandwich chain has marketed itself as a healthy and balanced option to fast food. People may go inside any Subway Sandwich shop and have one of seven six inch sandwiches made in under five minutes that has 350 or less calories and six or less grams of fat.

The sandwich choices include ham, turkey, ham and turkey, veggie delight, oven roasted chicken breast, roast beef and the turkey club.

That’s not to say that you can eat anything you like at Subway. The calorie counter clearly demonstrates some sandwiches are a no no for dieters. For instance, the six inch tuna sub sandwich has 530 calories and thirty-one grams of fat – and that’s before you add any additional mayonnaise.

Subway’s hot subs may also be diet busters. In fact most of the toasted six inch subs deliver more than 500 calories. The meatball sub is a real diet killer with 24 grams of fat.

However the hot sandwiches aren’t the only diet killers. Double the size and you double the calories. The only sandwich sizes at Subway are six inch and 12 inch. The 12 inch long subs all contain twice the calories.

Another pitfall to watch for is the double meat or double cheese alternatives offered with any sub. The double meat turkey has three hundred and forty calories compared to only 280 in the regular version.

The sort of breads you decide to have your sandwich made with also affects the number of calories. The standard six inch Italian on white bread has 190 calories on it’s own. But, the fancy breads, like Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano can boost that by 50 to 60 or more calories.

Slapping on almost any sort of cheese also raises the calories. Despite the fact that cheese is standard on the sandwiches with no additional charge, it’s shown apart on the calorie counter. Cheese adds 40 to 50 extra calories for every 6 inches of sandwich.

A few condiments such as mustard scarcely register with regard to calories. Others, including mayonnaise may well pack on 110 calories for a regular sub.

You’ll find that the Subway breakfast meals are no diet bargain. They vary from 270 right up to 510 calories. Your best choice is either the egg and cheese on a roll or a honey mustard and ham on a deli roll. Stay far away from the Chipitole Steak and Cheese on a 6 inch roll sandwich.

Remember that there’s far more on the food list than sandwiches . Chips, pastries, and sweet sodas will all add calories to your meal. Luckily, Subway has the Baked Lays brand of potato chips which have got as few as a hundred and ten calories in a serving.

Obviously you can find more effective ways to shed weight. With a little researching it’s not difficult to find diets that work. The kinds of diet programs to choose from vary widely however one of the very best weight loss plans if you wish to drop excess weight rapidly is the Idiot Proof Diet.