Few condiments are as unique, flavorful, and versatile as the ever-traditional Alfredo sauce. You will be hard-pressed to host a guest who does not like it, and it will be no issue getting kids to eat one of the delicious dishes it can make. There is almost no meat or vegetable that cannot benefit from having a little of this sauce poured on top. In fact, you probably never realized just how versatile it is.

Parents in a rush or simply anyone who wants an easy and inexpensive meal will love chicken Alfredo. It is suitable no matter how you prefer chicken–grilled skinless cutlets, lightly breaded, or dipped in egg and flour. Simply cook the meat and make or warm the sauce, pouring it over top before serving. It could not be simpler, but chances are everyone in the house will love it.

Speaking of pasta, everyone loves fettuccini Alfredo–it is an Italian favorite. This is also a fairly versatile meal, as you can use white noodles to make everyone’s favorite comfort food, or get in your whole grains and add texture by using wheat pasta instead. There are plenty of ways this meal can be spiced up. For instance, you can add in some roasted peppers, carrots, broccoli, or your favorite veggie for some extra flavor and substance.

Almost any meat can be added into an Alfredo pasta dish. Consider chopping up some chicken and mixing it in with the noodles, or even use shrimp or crab if you are feel like making something a bit more fancy. Better yet, nothing goes better with pasta than meatballs, and using this creamy sauce as an alternative to traditional tomato sauce is a new twist on an old favorite. You can even mix up the type of noodle for fun!

One thing the at-home chef may not have thought of is adding it to macaroni and cheese. When making good old mac ‘n cheese in the slow cooker, add in a cup or two–depending on the portions–of Alfredo to make it richer and creamier and add some delicious flavor. It will bring the texture of the meal to a whole different level and create macaroni and cheese like your kids have never seen before.

All of this should convince the cooks of the house to always have some Alfredo sauce in an accessible place in the kitchen. One can never anticipate when there will be an emergency meal that needs to be made. You want to make something that everyone will like but that will also be hearty and filling, so these dishes are perfect for quick dinners. Best of all, there will never be problems getting kids to eat their meals again.

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