1. In spite of such a drastic weight reduction and low-calorie diet, the patient does not look emaciated, does not feel a painful feeling of hunger or the need for sweet / fatty foods.

2. The diet is quite tolerable and even pleasant, since the first days of diet the patient observes a significant reduction in weight, weighing on an everyday basis, that is difficult to achieve in all others, exhausting diets.

3. Parts of the body which were normal (face, chest) before beginning the diet do not diminish.

4. The skin improves and softens.

5. Due to a healthy diet the body is cleared of toxins, the patient becomes lightheaded.

6. During the course the patients have no fatigue, irritability, anxiety, excitement, confusion, depression.

7. During the course it is not advised to go in for active sports, because low-calorie diet and all intake calories are needed for normal functioning.

8. Not muscle mass, but excess stocks of fat goes away in contradistinction to other express diets.

9. Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, cardiovascular problems, and digestive problems are improving during the diet.

During the course it is strictly prohibited the use of sugar, alcohol, fat (including skin care products), except those that are acceptable. The slightest deviations from the medication and diet violate the entire course of treatment. This diet does not allow even the slightest error. At the same time, it will not be difficult for you to adhere to strict rules as you will be completely satisfied with the calories that will come from your fat reserves. Therefore, before deciding to sit on this diet, you need to be firmly committed to complying with all rules and provide the most relaxing time on the course of the diet.

Upon completion of the course, so that the body will remember the new weight, you need to go locking course.

Overweight has become quite widespread nowadays unfortunately. One of the remedies to get over the problem is HCG Drops. Though it might occur useful to pass some Food Allergy Tests as well.