HCG Protocol Phase 1

Phase 1 of the HCG Protocol lasts for two days.  Some refer to it as the “gluttony” period.   During these first two days the dieters is required to consume foods that are extremely high in fat and starches. The purpose of this is to provide your body with just enough body fat reserves to help start trigger the weight-loss procedure. Even though this seems easy and fun for many having to eat large quantities of food is hard.  Yet it is vital that this step be followed so that you are not as hungry in phase to and and the body can have steady fat loss in Phase 2 of the HCG Protocol.

HCG Protocol Phase 2

Phase 2 is the strict part of the diet.  During this time the diet strictly limits calorie intake to not more than 500 calories a day.  Normally this phase last for 21 days. The original daily menu as formulated can be extremely difficult for dieters.  Here is a run down of the menu:

Breakfast  – Dieters are  not supposed to take in any solids. Coffee or tea without sugar and only one tbsp of milk allowed within 24 hours period.  Artificial sweeteners Saccharin or Stevia can be used in the coffee and tea.  Also and unlimited quantity is allowed.

Lunch – Dieters are allowed 100 grams of meat stripped of all traces of fat, or fish (same types of fish are not allowed), one type of vegetable, fruit and one stick of bread.  The meat must be weighed raw and all fat must be removed. Meat must be grilled or boiled without the addition of oil or anything fatty.  Seasoning can be used but check to make sure it is on the allowable list.

Dinner – Exactly the same as lunch.

HCG Protocol Phase 3

Phase three of the HCG protocol refers to the three week period after you have completed injections or drops. There are several things that you need to follow as outlined by Phase Three. First, weigh yourself every day. Second, stay within two pounds of your weight when you had your last injection. This can be either two pounds above or below. Third, no eating sugar or starches.

It is critical as part of Phase three that you consume at least 100 grams of protein a day. It is also crucial that you increase your caloric intake to at least 1500. Steak and chicken provide some of the highest protein meals per serving and will help put a significant dent into that 1500 calorie threshold. As you recall, rule number two requires you to stay within plus or minus two pounds of your weight after your last injection. If you find that your weight exceeds that two pound margin, you are required to have a steak day. Eating steak will help keep you on track. Following phase three to the letter is critical in the success of the HCG diet.

It typically takes about three weeks for your weight to stabilize once you’ve completed the injections or drops. In other words, it is normal to see dramatic fluctuations in weight immediately after cycling off the treatment. After the conclusion of that three week period, your weight should stabilize.

Do not let these 3 phases scare you.  The HCG diet is designed to help you lose stubborn fat and weight. Many have found great results and new healthier eating habits established.  As with any diet, even with the HCG Protocol it is always a good idea to get all the information available and to consult a doctor.