Possibly one of the worst myths in the fitness industry is that it is important for you to keep a specific pulse rate range within the fat burning zone as a way to lose fat. However this is just far from true. Unfortunately, this false belief leads others to choose low intensity steady state cardio routines that will be ineffective and cause most people a serious lack of results from their workouts. The quicker you eliminate the “target fat burning heart rate = the very best workout” mentality, the quicker you shall actually begin to get real results with losing weight and changing the shape of your body permanently.

Within the Turbulence Training workouts, you actually burn more fat plus more total calories when you are Out from the gym because of the high-intensity and variable intensity nature of many training methods in these programs. This phenomenon is not really as a result of the elevated heart beat you experience throughout the workout (even if your heart rate will be increased because of the supersets and intervals), but rather coming from the metabolic and hormonal response you achieve because of the more effective workout compared to your ineffective “fat burning zone” workout.

During the last decade, scientific research has indicated a number of crucial things to us about exercising for body fat loss. First of all, lifting heavier weights while exercising contributes to a higher caloric consumption by the body within the period for about 1-2 days following the workout in comparison to lifting light weights with high repetitions. So that’s why 6-8 repetitions per set is much more beneficial than 12-15 reps per set when it comes to stimulating the metabolism for losing fat permanently. That’s among the many cornerstones of the varieties of training routines in programs that really get results, like Turbulence Training.

Another important aspect we’ve learned from scientific research in recent years is that highly variable interval-type training is far superior to slow, steady-pace cardio workouts for burning fat and post-exercise induced calorie burning. Over time, if you focus on the internal metabolic response the body is obtaining out of your workout routines, compared to what amount of calories you burn during some kind of magical “target fat burning pulse rate zone”, you certainly will achieve MUCH better fat loss results. So not only is it more result-producing, but it is also more time-efficient to use short high-intensity interval training workouts rather than slow, long, steady-pace cardio sessions.

The only time you may need to learn your specific heart rate is during the recovery period of the interval training. You will need to take sufficient time whilst on your recovery intervals in order for your heart rate to drop back down significantly (allow it drop to approximately less than 60% from your max pulse rate). Because of this you’ll be able to get more quality work done when it counts. You don’t want to begin your next high-intensity interval too early, nor do you need to exercise too hard during your recovery intervals.

The vast majority of details are provided inside the interval workout guidelines contained in the Turbulence Workout program. And we’ll show you how to properly structure your intervals so that you permit enough recovery time between each. With these guidelines, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your target heart beat or anything fancy like that. It’s just not necessary. Just follow the TT instructions, and you will do great.

If you would like to start actually getting the fat burning results that you have been wanting for so long, do not concern yourself so much about your target fat burning pulse rate zone during exercise. Instead, make sure that you are performing at a high-intensity and a variable intensity (according to your individual capabilities of course) during each weight lifting and interval training session.

The TT workout guidelines will give you all of the details that you need on the specific rest periods to use between supersets and intervals. Using these guidelines, you certainly will start to see vastly improved results from your workouts within weeks of implementing the changes.

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