Typical fasts involve refraining from eating or drinking any food or liquids for a certain period time with the exception of water. Originally fasts were for religious reasons, however many people start a small juice fast to kickstart a new diet program. These fasts can be very therapeutic by removing toxic compounds from the body in addition to giving you a good starting point for a healthy change to your diet.

By all accounts a true fast is only with water. No nutrition is taken in. However, for our purposes a juice fast is probably closer to what most people have in mind when they look to rid their body of excess toxic compounds. Very few people could complete an extended fast, and we really wouldn’t recommend it anyway. Instead, a seven-day fresh fruit and vegetable juice fast is ideal to balance your system and aid in elimination of waste. If you don’t have an extractor yet, we can show you the best juicer for the money to get you started.

Some people have reported an increase in energy during their juice fasts, they report thinking clearer and also getting better sleep. This heightened sense of well-being is a good sign that your body was in need of a fast to rid yourself of all the chemicals that have been supporting you on a daily basis. We recommend starting a juice fast over the weekend, however, to give your body time to adapt to the reduced caloric intake.

You will probably need more rest and may be irritable first couple of days once you’ve started. As we manage our busy lives we rely on crutches such as caffeine to get us through the day. Depriving our bodies of the chemicals we are used to can be a slight shock to the system.

Start a day or two prior to your actual juice fast by ridding your pantry of any junk food. Make a trip to the store or farmer’s market and stock up on plenty fresh produce to have on hand. Not having to constantly run to the store when you are in your first few days will set you up for success. Getting rid of the excess tempting foods from the fridge or pantry will also help you get past those times in which you’ll really be craving a snack.

You should continue to take all your prescription medications during your juice fast. A multivitamin is a good idea, but definitely no alcohol, sodas or coffee is allowed. The main idea is to not only get rid of the waste your digestive system but also the daily chemicals you put into your bloodstream. Drinking healthy fruit and vegetable juices on a juice fast is a great way to give your body a rest and set a standard for healthy living in the days and weeks to come.

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