The three days off from dieting that come after each 11 day cycle when you’re using the Diet for Idiots are certainly not merely for enjoyment or just to supply you with a mental boost to ensure that you’re ready for the next 11-day cycle.

These diet days off are an essential aspect of what makes the diet plan work so well for so many.

Additionally they have a built in surprise which just about any dieter will definitely look forward to.

Oh, and for a few, a drawback.

I’ll clarify both the surprise and the the frustration following a some I explain some background details.

A hormone known as leptin is a main player when it comes to diet plans using cheat days

You will probably know by now the 11 day Idiot diet and the optional Ten day diet do the job by adjusting the protein and carbohydrates you eat in such a way as to trigger near continual fat burning.

The primary factor in this fat burning is a hormone known as leptin, also called The Anti-Starvation Hormone.

Basically it does the job like this

Leptin regulates fat burning. When your calorie consumption is high then leptin makes it possible for your system to burn extra fat.

If you decrease your intake of calories your leptin level will fall and that places your body into starvation mode. Your body wants to hold on to all of that excess fat in case food is now in short supply. You quit burning fat.

The 11 day diet is cleverly designed to keep your leptin level high while decreasing the calories consume. Which means you continue to keep burning off extra fat.

But towards the end of your dieting cycle your body starts to understand that it has a calorie shortfall, your leptin quantities begin to drop which means you start retaining fat, not burning it off.

Diet days off are the solution

Dropping leptin concentrations are the reason we have days off from dieting. Throughout your three cheat days you eat normally, which means you eat a normal amount of calories. Your system says Whew, I’m not really starving after all, your leptin concentrations climb and you start burning fat once again. Your system has adjusted to the increased calorie intake and throughout your next 11 day diet cycle you burn up fat like crazy.

The frustrating element of cheat days, for some

The problem with days off is that quite a few people get slightly wild with their food consumption.

Lots of people deal with cheat days just like they would a run of good luck in Vegas. They stuff themselves on fast foods, chow down on Chili loaded with ground meat, consume mountains of cheeses or cheese snacks, fries, pies topped with whipped cream or ice cream. What i’m saying is many people really get into cheating on diet days off.

The consequence of this kind of excessive food consumption is clear, they gain weight.Putting on a half pound or maybe a pound during days off is okay. However, if you’re putting on any more than that then you’ll have lost nearly 1/2 of your last cycle and more importantly it can make it tough to get your mind back into dieting for your next cycle.

The best way to deal with dieting days off and a great indulgence

You eat like you normally would when you’re not on a diet at all but making an attempt to not put on weight.

A normal meal includes various meats and carbs such as rice or potatoes, veggies along with a reasonable dessert. You also try to eat cereals such as granola or oat meal. You don’t eat so much at each meal that you really feel stuffed. Simply eat until you’re satisfied. And make an effort to stay away from fattening condiments.

Here is the treat I promised you. During your very last diet day off, day three, get into the fats and carbohydrates. Have pizza, peanut butter and jelly or some Fettuccine Alfredo.

This one day of craziness is going to blast your leptin level to the sky and you will be ready to really drop some pounds throughout your next 11 day cycle.

See, I told you it was going to be a great surprise!

By the way, you won’t be deprived while you’re on the meal plan for this diet. You will eat four meals a day and you eat until you’re satisfied at each and every one particular.

I hope you have the best of luck with your fat loss goals. And don’t forget to go really easy on those cheat days.