Look no further than the candy isle of your favorite grocery store for the next powerful home remedy to sweep the country. This time, candy is a friend of the dentist. Recent scientific studies and articles have proven that licorice, a common herb, can help with many medical ailments from tooth decay to irritated digestive systems. Even in it’s sweet candy form.

A big win for the licorice root was a study published by the Journal of Natural Products. Sponsored by Colgate, the reviewed article proves the power of licorice to prevent common dental disease. Not only is the herb good at preventing tooth loss, cavities, and decay – but it’s also a great natural preventative for dentists to use for periodontal disease.

Bacteria is a common cause of many gum diseases and dental ailments. Scientists have isolated two compounds in the licorice plant that help kill and prevent bacteria. Licoricidin and Licorisoflaven naturally occur in the herb and are the powerful team that can turn candy into a dentist preventive. It leaves one to question if an apple a day will keep the doctor away, will a licorice candy a day keep the dentist away?

Is Licorice Candy Good for You?

The bad new is that most of today’s licorice candy contains no real licorice root. While you can still find some sources of real licorice candy, you shouldn’t rely on the candy at your normal grocery store to keep the dentist away. All natural products should always be used with caution as, while all natural, they can carry serious side effects with them.

Common Additional Uses of the Licorice Herb

There are several all natural tooth pastes that use the root from the licorice herb as an all natural cleaner and breath freshener. There are several studies to support it’s use in this form. While it does lack significant testing many scientists are testing licorice as an anti-viral medication. Going as far as testing it on Hepatitis patients. Our dentist office often recommends natural products, especially those who are seeking an organic lifestyle.

Many herbalists, both eastern and western, have long since used licorice as a part of their treatment protocols. Making the dental applications of no surprise in countries used to herbal treatments. There are even applications of the herb in fighting common parasite induced diseases.

While these studies are not news to dentists, all questions about dental care should be directed to your family dentist. They know your teeth best and can make recommendations about what is right for you. Even thought licorice is all natural, it can have serious adverse affects. Please check with your healthcare provider before making any major changes.

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