Growing older is happening to all of us, there is no way around it. And it is hard to avoid all the gimmicks and ‘solutions’ that promise to fight the effects of aging. From testosterone pills to anti-wrinkle creams, it seems everyone is trying to make a dollar off our aging population.

The truth is many of us are in denial about the aging that is happening to us. It is relatively easy to ignore it for a while. But even as we try to ignore it, we can’t help but look around and see the effect that aging has on people, such as disease, joint pain, weakness and increased dependence upon others.

However, even though there are some results of aging that are inevitable (consider sagging skin and gray hair), a lot of what we have come to associate with normal aging is not, in fact, normal. The disease and dependence that seems inevitable, is not inevitable. And it is not natural. There are places in the world where aging comes without the miseries that we experience in this country.

If these diseases are not a natural part of aging then, why do so many people suffer from them as they grow old? It is because of choices made over a lifetime. Bad eating and lack of exercise lead to the common miseries of senior adulthood. If better choices were made by people, there would be much less suffering in old age.

The good news is that research has shown that there are four lifestyle choices that you can make that will greatly reduce the odds that your future has to include these ‘normal’ miseries of aging. They include keeping your body mass index below thirty, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, stop smoking and exercise several times each week.

You do not have to suffer the miseries that we have come to associate with growing older. Take action now to increase the chances that you will age well.

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