Workout frequency is a greatly debated variable for weight loss and muscle tone. Some expert’s claim that those looking to lose weight should work out 7 days a week; other experts claim that 3 days per week is sufficient. The USDA guidelines require 30 minutes of activity daily to improve overall health.

How often should I work out then? 5 days a week should be your goal, with 2 days of rest. Never allow your rest days to be consecutive unless there is injury or illness. 5 days is all it takes. How much work you do each day is based on what kind of results you want to see. There are different angles you can take for weight loss, muscle tone, fat burning, and strength.

If you are asking yourself “How often should I work out to lose weight?” Then it should be a minimum of 30 minutes per day, most days of the week. For beginners the weight will drop quickly. Changing your exercise from 0 to 30 is a rapid change and will show great results in the beginning. As you lose weight, it is very important to increase your exercise minutes and frequency. Eventually to continue seeing results you should be exercising 45 minutes to an hour, everyday of the week. It doesn’t need to be intense exercise, but movement is important.

What about the popular question “How often should I work out lower abs?” The lower abs are a problem area primarily for women, but men as well. One of the biggest fitness mistakes that people make is not working your entire core. Most individuals stick with working the top of the abdomen, and not the lower muscles. This leaves the muscular region down there weaker, and unbalanced for the rest of your body.

To see sufficient results you should do lower abs 3 times per week along with your other core exercises. You should aim to work multiple muscle groups on those 3 days to see results fast. Combined with cardio for fat loss, you should be toning and shedding simultaneously to see a lot of changes in your body.

Exercise routines work differently for all people. You should base it off of how you feel and what you are capable of. Someone that hasn’t worked out in years should never jump into an extreme routine. Start slowing and work your way up if necessary. Weight loss and toned lower abs will happen if you stick with a program and keep challenging your body.

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