A 15 day day HCG diet plan may be very efficient if applied in the correct way. HCG is the short form for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a kind of hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant ladies. It plays a central function in regulating metabolism through the hypothalamus throughout the nine months of pregnancy. HCG program utilizes a variation of the hormone in minute doses for treating fertility.

This hormone turns stored fat reserves into nutrients for use by the body. This keeps expectant women and the developing fetus healthy. It is observed that after giving birth the health condition of the mother begins to deteriorate since the hormone is not produced anymore. The ability of this hormone to convert reserves into energy may be utilized to assist individuals with obesity to shed off some weight.

The HCG applied for medical purposes is natural but is produced artificially in laboratories from sterile cells. It is derived from women or animal urine. This has become a point of misconception for this product to many people.

Human body keeps fat in 3 forms, that is, normal, abnormal and structural. Structural reserves form the layer between the skin and internal organs and provide protection from external factors. The normal reserve nourishes body organs with energy when calorie supply is low. Abnormal fat reserves form as additional flesh on the buttocks, thighs and hips. It remains idle with no particular use. HCG diet program consumes only the abnormal reserve. This leads to immense loss of weight with many dieters reporting up to 2IBS every day.

This program has to be complemented with increased intake of salads and vegetables. This plan may be administered in various such as injection. Clients can inject themselves or a practitioner can do it for them. Preparation for the plan comprises sterilization and blood tests. Preparation aids lessen discomfort during injection.

If the steps stipulated by a practitioner are strictly followed metabolic rate increases and fat begins redistributing within the body. Fatty regions start to reduce and a lot of weight is dropped without compromising muscles. Starvation is not necessary in this program plan.

A 15 day day HCG diet plan is inexpensive and is easy to stick to when compared to other low calorie alternatives. It also assists people to change their lifestyle since crave for sweets and sugar decreases naturally. Maintaining the program is simple and practitioners have used it for long on several people and outcomes are always nice.

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