The HCG drops diet plan has four phases that you need to know. These 4 are very important if you want to get the best results as possible. To have knowledge of the phases can prepare you for the task at hand. If you want to know more about them, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss about the phases in order to get you a head start on using the product and successfully succeed in the end.

The first phase of the HCG drops diet plan is called the “Loading Phase”. Here you will load yourself up with different kinds of food that you want for two days. It is preferred that you consume lots of foods that are rich in sugar, fat and starches. There are no rules within this part of the diet regimen, so you have the opportunity to fill yourself up. The reason behind this is to prepare your body with the next phase so that it will consume the stored fat and not your muscle.

The second level is known as “The Diet Phase “. After those two days of eating meals that have sugar or starch, you need to avoid yourself from taking any foods that contain these two elements. Thus, this is where the issues start. You are limited to only 500 calories a day but you do not need to worry about being hungry because the the main ingredient from HCG lowers lowers it. To help you write down all the necessary foods that you need to eat, its best to look for for help from a nutritionist. There are also many HCG excellent recipes on the internet to help you out.

Part three of the stage is “Stabilization Phase”. Here, you will add more calories to your diet strategy but make sure to add a little at a time. This lets you know how your body acts to the changes of the routine. You are still banned to eat any meals that have starch or sugars in them. Do not fear, you are 50 % way to complete the diet strategy routine. So, do not quit, advance forward and you will do an excellent job.

The last level that you will encounter is “Maintenance Phase”. This is where you can eat any kinds of foods including those that have sugar and starches. It’s best to take the foods in management so that your body can maintain itself to the new diet. If you want to decrease more weight, then you can do it again the procedure starting from level one. The diet regimen not all that complicated if you put your confidence in it.

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