The HCG Diet can be consider a do-over or maybe even a “mulligan” if you are a golf fanatic.  HCG can give you a new start for your metabolism.  So how does HCG diet  reset your body metabolism?  It does so in a couple of different ways.

Put simply, HCG resets your metabolism by utilizing your stored body fat as energy.  This process, along with a specific low calorie diet plan, will go a long way towards helping you achieve your goals of weight loss.  To properly reset your metabolism, HCG should be injected or taken orally on a daily basis.  This will allow your body to replenish proper HCG levels, which have gradually depleted from our system since birth.  The major difference between the HCG diet and other diet methods is the utilization of body fat for energy.  This is key.  Many other diets also tell you to drop your caloric intake.  But without HCG, your body becomes more susceptible to depleting muscle tissue rather than body fat.  Keeping more muscle on your body will allow your metabolism to remain at a high level.
So as you can see, reseting your body metabolism through the use of HCG will go a long way.

Studies indicate the specific regimented diet —  which allows consumption of 500 calories a day, along with daily HCG intake —  can shock the body into burning as much as 3500 calories of unwanted fat.  Despite the low calorie diet, one of the best parts about this process is lack of hunger.  It won’t cause your body to feel like it is starving.  HCG helps take away those unwanted hunger pains.

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