Life can get rather hectic at times.  You might forget or get too busy to receive your HCG injection or drops.  So what should you do if this happens?  Well, that all depends on how long your interruption lasts.

If your stoppage occurs for more than four days, it is extremely critical that you increase your daily food intake to a minimum of 800 calories.  This should be done by adding meats, eggs, and dairy products to your diet.  This is extremely important.  The HCG that you had been injection or consuming has now evaporated from system.  Without it, your body will no longer utilize your stored fat as your system’s main source of energy.  Failing to increase your caloric intake will cause you to feel hungry and weak.  If your interruption lasts less than two weeks, you can resume the hcg as well as go back on the 500 calorie diet.  If the stoppage lasts longer, then you need to start the diet over again.  This means loading up on food the first two days.  On the third day, start the 500 calories – also known as Phase 2.