The Mediterranean diet is known for being one of the premier diet plans on the face of the planet for weight loss and fat loss through whole foods and organic produce. There are no supplements, no pills, no starvation through liquid consumption without solid foods, and nothing chemical or toxic whatsoever. It is simply whole foods at their most basic natural level.

The most common misconception about the Mediterranean diet is that it is only specific to the countries along the Mediterranean Sea. This is absolutely not the case, as the Mediterranean diet is actually a diet plan that pertains to many different countries not only along the Mediterranean Sea but also throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

You can take a look at Macedonia or Romania and have to classic examples of countries which, despite the fact they are nowhere near the Mediterranean Sea, nevertheless have a very similar diet plan. Staple foods contain plenty of vegetables and fruits along with yogurt and dairy products, just like the people living in Spain and Egypt. They all have similar histories, and thus similar diets as a result of the ancient Roman Empire as well as the Greek, Byzantine and otherwise.

The reason that most scientists and researchers from around the world recommend the Mediterranean diet is because of the fact that it is one of the only diet plans in existence which has its users eating 7 to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. There are no supplements, no chemicals, no processed foods and nothing toxic whatsoever. It is simply organic food and produce at its most natural level.

If you ever hear someone talking about the Mediterranean diet, you can avoid the common misinterpretations regarding how the diet plan only relates to countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Since you know better, you realize that any country throughout Central and Eastern Europe follows the same diet plan with plenty of dairy products, whole grains, salads and fruits consumed on a daily basis for optimal health and wellness.

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