I heard about the connection between headaches and gluten after having headaches for almost 20 years. During this period I tried all kinds of medicines, all kinds of nutrition but with no success.

It started after having my second child. At the beginning the family doctors assumed that it has to with hormonal equilibrium. Medical checks proved that my hormones are within the norm.

Over the years I tried all sort of diets, without caffeine, without chocolate, without sugar, but none of them helped. I was really suffering from periodical headaches and could not find any cure.

Headaches are very frustrating to those who suffer from it. You try for years to find the right medicine to help you through, the doctors tell you to try to avoid some special foods to see if it helps and at the end of the day – the headaches are still there.

A few years back, I was reading a study that listed a correlation between gluten and headaches. I then started my quest on the internet and did a lot of research. I then tried a non-gluten diet and within three weeks, it eliminated my headaches!

That is why I decided to tell more people about it. It is quite easy to start. You should only take out gluten products off your menu and find out if it helps you. If you still suffer from headaches after 2-3 weeks – you’ll have to look for another solution.

If you want to start looking for relief to your headaches – first of all – do the checkups your doctor recommends. If all the markers show that everything is o.k. and no suggestion on how to cure your headaches is provided by the doctors. I suggest trying gluten free diet for 2-3 weeks and see if it helps you.

It is really easy to handle your menu without gluten. Don’t change everything in your daily menu; just change the containing-gluten products to gluten free ones. The markets today are full of gluten free products and you will be surprised to see that you are not alone – there is a great variety of gluten free foods. Just search where to find them and you will see the vast variety that exists.

If you are not a celiac patient but only sensitive to gluten, you can try rye or spelt bread and see if you have no headaches. You can use cornflakes; there is a great variety of noodles from rice or corn and all vegetables and fruits are no limited for you of course. Nowadays you can find cookies from spelt flour or rye flour or corn flour, so don’t consider it as a “diet”, but rather a way of life.

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