When people want to lose weight, they would like to lose it conveniently. Some of the people claim that it’s just not possible to lose weight fast and you need to do lots of exercise.

Let me be the one to tell you – there is a way to lose weight really fast and quite simply. This diet is however quite acute, but particularly effective.

I'm naturally talking about the famous Lemon Maple Syrup Detox Diet that even the celebs use when they'd like to lose weight quick before shooting a film or performance.

So what precisely is this detox diet all about? Let’s check on some facts and how it’s done!

You make this drink by mixing about 2 big spoons of natural maple syrup (madal bal) and 2 big spoons of fresh lemon juice, squeezed from fruit. Then fill the glass up with either hot or cold water.

So let’s go over some facts how this is going to help you lose weight.

1. It’s easy to make and follow, you just do not eat anything. You simply drink this special drink. Extreme, but extremely impressive.

2. You will not feel hungry in the time you are on this detox, as you can drink the maximum amount of it as you would like (although recommended are about 6-8 drinks a day), and it gives the feeling of being full.

3. You will lose weight extremely fast with this, because your body doesn't get much in the way of carbs or calories. You get vitamins, minerals and nutrition from the ingredients.

4. You decide how long you would like to follow this detox, though the first time you try it you need to just use it for a week max, then go back to normal food for a while. If you are used to this sort of detoxing, you can use it for as much as 2 weeks. Or you can choose a more casual approach and switch out two meals with it.

5. A lemon taste that many love, but if you do not like the taste you can actually add some additional succulent ingredients such as ginger or maybe cayenne for that additional sting if you so wish!

This detox diet will guarantee swift weight control, so what are you waiting for? Try it out!

Lisa Marie likes to renew herself by detoxing every now and again. Lisa suggests the lemon detox diet to lose weight and to also cleanse your body. If you want to get a free book explaining this detox technique or if you would just like to learn rather more about it click here.