Perhaps the most dangerous trend in the United States as it relates to the eating habits of the American people is the fact that most diets tell you to either starve yourself of tube-feed yourself with some form of chemical supplement, power bar or special pill. Whole foods and nutrition aren’t even considered, because most people don’t want to spend the time to cook.

As a result, the United States is the world leader in obesity, with the Center for Disease Control estimating that 72% of Americans are overweight or obese. Out of those 72%, an estimated 34% are considered obese to the point of dangerously unhealthy, and out of those 34% only an estimated 6% have an actual genetic reason for being obese. The rest of those are simply fat because they don’t know any better, or they just don’t care.

If you look at the latest research from The Medical Research Council’s Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge, England, they state that if you look at the 6% of obese people in the United States, roughly 40% of them could actually stop being obese if they would merely start doing some exercise in combination with a whole food diet plan such as The Mediterranean Diet. That’s roughly half of all people who claim to have an obesity issue as a result of their genes.

It’s fairly staggering in its scope, considering for years there have been thousands of obese people who claim they have no option other than to be fat. The reality is that out of the six percent of the population who are morbidly obese, only around half of them are that way because of their genes. The rest of them could easily be shedding weight through regular fitness and whole foods such as with The Mediterranean Diet.

Working out isn’t difficult. In fact, most experts agree that the hardest part of weight loss isn’t the associated workouts, but the actual controlling of the diet. All medical experts agree that it’s only 30% fitness in any case; 70% of the benefits you get from any healthy lifestyle changes are related purely to the diet and the food you take. It’s all about getting out what you put in, and if you put garbage into your body you are going to get garbage out.

While it’s important to exercise, it’s also important to have good nutrition. This is where The Mediterranean Diet’s whole food nutrition comes into play, because there isn’t a diet plan on the face of the planet which has as much of an emphasis on raw foods and fruits and vegetables as this one. Fruits and vegetables make up over 80% of the overall recipes, which means you are mainlining the most nutritious substances on the planet straight into your bloodstream. The end result is weight loss and healthy living through whole, unprocessed foods.

Mediterranean Diet recipes are a core element of a diet plan for healthy living and loss of fat and weight through nutrition.