Many people would actually be surprised to find out that Japanese green tea actually started from China. That’s right; it was their highly progressive neighbors who were making use of green tea well before the Japanese ever got exposed to it.

The Chinese had been making use of green tea from the ninth century. It was through the Buddhist monks of Japan who went to China to study and carried the tea back home on their return that green tea made its way into the Japanese tea cup.

During their study period in China the Japanese Buddhist monks discovered the wonderful shrub and its many advantages. The Japanese were marveled by the drink and immediately began making use of it for various purposes.

It became the most popular drink as it was heavily patronized. The Japanese were also quick to realize the medicinal benefits of green tea and got straight down to extracting the maximum benefits from green tea.

The experimental ground for green tea was the temples of Buddhist monks. As they were the first to discover it, they announced green tea as their official drink. This fragrant blend next catered to the aristocrats of Japanese society.

Green tea revolution in Japan

For a couple of centuries Japan continued to import all the green tea that it consumed from China. Eventually it brought over green tea seeds and started its own cultivation in the land. This change is what brought about the green tea revolution in Japan.

The accessibility of green tea seeds made it possible for the Japanese masses to grow their own green tea. Thus Japan saw a great rise in the intake of green tea amongst the Japanese people.

Once the Japanese started using green tea steadily they started discovering all its qualities which led them to make it their official drink. The health benefits and medicinal properties of green tea encouraged them even more.

According to the tradition green tea was grown in the shade. After gathering the leaves they were put through a steaming process making it different from black tea which is fermented.

It is a fact that the health benefits which can be derived from green tea is only because it is processed through steaming as opposed to fermenting. Steaming helps in retaining its powerful qualities and later the leaves are dried up and powdered.

Green tea powdered is an interesting, healthy and versatile addition to a variety of dishes. For more information on real Japanese green tea click on the links.