When faced with an untimely death due to an incurable illness people’s reaction are widely diverse. Some react negatively and others go into overdrive with a positive and determined attitude to beat the odds like Dr. Bob Marshall. On receiving his bad news he immediately started in depth research to find out how he could harness super nutrients to restore his cell function.

Each and every cell in the human body has its own membrane covering that gives of frequency pulses. In a healthy body they work in unison but when illness strikes cells lose the frequency sequence and stop working together. Super nutrients have the ability to boost cells, repair damage and also assist in keeping them healthy.

The Quantum Nutrition Effect products repairs and restores cells to their natural healthy state. His uses biofield analysis to establish an individual’s specific needs to ensure they reach optimum health and cell restoration.

He has led a busy life with 30 years of medical practice, doing leading research, overseeing the production of PRL’s and teaching. Since 1986 he has hosted Health Line on radio. He is always a favorite and popular guest speaker at teaching seminars or as a special guest at conferences and on radio and television talk shows.

Well respected for his work in this field Bob Marshall is continuously involved in finding answers to age old health questions. Numerous scientists around the world are doing research of Biofield patterns.

Dr. Bob Marshall is the founder and CEO of Premier Research Labs. This company produces 100% toxic free nutrition products that have brought great benefit to people who are using them correctly. His writings are regularly published in various health and medical journals. He has been referred to as one of the most qualified and knowledgeable people on the benefits of nutrition

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