DeCoda “Little Cat” King an amazing 8 year old boy that is into Muay Thai. He trains at Samingdum Muay Thai in Tulsa, Oklahoma. DeCoda has never been in any sport in his life until he came across Muay Thai in “2006” at age 5.

His first fight was in Oklahoma City and he lost by decision in “2006”. Now, DeCoda did not give up there he went and fought again in Tulsa in “2007” and won that one. Boy, this kid can fight. He fought several times that year and only lost one more fight. Than in “2008” he got invited to attend the Armature World Championships in Iowa. Now, by this time his record was 4 wins, 2 losses, 0 draws and 1 KO.

When DeCoda entered in the championships in Iowa he was the only 7 year old boy that entered. Not to mention that this was his first time ever to attend something like this. When DeCoda shows up for weigh ins they tell him he has to weigh in at 55lbs or he could not fight. Well, DeCoda steps up to weigh in and he weighs in with his shoes, clothes, change in his pockets, the whole works and weighs right at 55lbs.

So he gets all ready to warm up for his first fight of the day. He gets to the ring and finds out that the kid that he was going to have to fight was 9 years old, weighing about 65lbs and was taller than him. Well, DeCoda he gets out there and fights his heart out and wins by decision.

Now, he makes it to the finals the next day. He come in and is ready to fight and come home with a World Title belt. He is walking up to the ring to fight his last fight for his belt. He meets his opponent and finds out that this kid is also 9 years old and is weighing about 72lbs.

They start to fight, DeCoda is in the ring doing his thing and winning the fight. The bell rings they go back to their corners. Then they get back out there and start fighting their second round. The kid keeps taking DeCoda down and DeCoda is getting mad. Than the bell rings again for them to go back to their corners again. Now, it is the final round of the fight. They get back out there and fight their last round. DeCoda is still mad cause the kid keeps taking him down still, and DeCoda get up all slow and mad.

Well, it is time to announce the winner. It comes out that DeCoda “Little Cat” King lost by decision all because he got mad over the kid taking him down and was getting up too slow. But he did come home in second place in the championships that year. Not to mention that he was the only 7 year old kid that entered the championships, and he said “that is okay cause I will be back next year and I will get that belt”.

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