The HCG diet was formulated by a researcher known as Dr. Albert Simeons. The plan is effective in helping people lose weight fast and with little effort. Although the caloric intake is extremely low, most dieters find that it is easy to follow.

The placenta of pregnant women release hormones that are called human chorionic gonadotropin. Researchers found that it tends to drastically decrease the appetite of those who take it. People who have found it hard to follow traditional dietary plans will be happy with how the HCG drops work.

The diet consists of three distinct phases. The first one, which is called loading, involves the intake of two thousand calories each day with the addition of several hormone drops. This part lasts for a few days and it helps the body get ready for calorie reduction.

The second part is called maintenance. Food intake is limited to five hundred calories and must include several hormone drops. The caloric decrease may seem tough, but most individuals are not hungry when on the plan.

The last phase is stabilization. The drops are no longer required at this point. Women may begin taking in up to eight hundred calories every day, while men are allowed a thousand. This level will go on for three weeks.

While following the regime, it is important the dieters get the right amount of vitamins. This is accomplished by consuming foods that are nutrient rich. When each bite is so important, it is good to choose items that are really healthy.

Consider eating items that are high in protein and have a low fat content. Chicken, eggs, beans and fish are all great options. It’s crucial that a wide variety of vegetables are also taken in. They come with many health benefits. Fruits are also a good choice.

Try to avoid any foods that come in a can or are dried. In addition, stay away from items that are processed. Be sure to drink plenty of water while following the plan. Dehydration can lead to many health problems, but is easily avoided with proper fluid intake.

Getting plenty of exercise is important to any weight loss regime. Anyone who works out on a regular basis is sure to lose weight. Perform some type of routine at least three times a week.

The HCG diet plan is great for anyone who has tried other diets and failed. Just follow the program carefully while implementing plenty of exercise. In no time at all, the weight will come off.

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