Lingerie is very much fashionable again in 2010, and can be used to show off your figure to its best; there are many lingerie tricks that can help enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence, sometimes it is what’s underneath that counts for the appearance of losing weight.

Lingerie can achieve things no other garment can, they will reduce your waist instantly, improve your confidence and posture, can be eye-catching and glamorous, and worn in many different ways. There are three areas to look out for, the waist, the tummy and the bum and thigh area, start with the right knickers; they can really shape you up nicely giving you a great figure, a selection of lingerie with varying degrees of control will help, the most common of these are control knickers, as well as bodies and hosiery like control tights which can also be a great figure shaper.

The basque is another item which is a great solution to wear, under more structured clothing, basques are strapless and come to the waist with a firm cup and light boning, which helps slimming and reduces the waist. They are prefect to wear under bridal wear, evening wear, and any clothing that is not too sheer. They can be paired with a control brief for complete control from bust to thigh.

Women of all sizes can enjoy the figure enhancing benefits from corset lingerie they are made to flatter you beautifully and designed to draw in the waist and flatten the tummy. They slim and enhance any woman’s body, whether she is generously curvy or straight up and down. The corset not only give a slimmer appearance and smaller waist, they also enhance breasts and hips provocatively, giving a feeling of intense femininity and sensuality.

There are a huge range of corset tops that have entered onto the market recently and these new corset tops are transforming what women wear and when. We now have corset tops that can be worn during formal occasions, clubbing, social nights out such as pubs or dinner parties even corsets tops for shopping.

To help the corset effect, choose jeans with the highest waist you can find. The stomach should be completely beneath the waistband and unless your legs are thin, do not let the jeans grip onto your flesh tightly, you do not want anything bulging out. The corset top paired with jeans is suitable for upmarket casual events like going out to a restaurant, or to see a film, smart-casual dinner or cocktail parties and evening functions.

Pay attention to the shapes that look good on you. A plunge bra will often look great on a fuller figure as it will draw the eye to the cleavage, and a balcony shape bra can lift and enhance a smaller bust. Make a mental note of the shapes of the clothes you often wear, do you wear lots of plunge tops, or boat neck tops, trousers or skirts?

Control wear lingerie can be for everyone, anytime, whether a size 8 or a size 18. Choose lingerie to suit the occasion, whether it is a light-smoothing piece for everyday wear, or a firm waist-cinching long leg item for an evening dress.

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