There is a simple trick to weight loss. It’s not particularly interesting and it has be repeated over and over again and yet but it works like a dream! You simply must manage your calories to lose weight!

A simple key with endless possibilities

Think this is boring or too difficult? Think again as this is the magic key to your success and will give you the chance to improve your health, energy levels and allow you to design your diet to suit you and excite your taste buds. Include snacks and your favourite foods! Eat the diet of your dreams with this magic key.

Find your magic number

First of all you need to calculate how many calories you need to consume in order to maintain your current weight? Simple, all you need to do is look at the list below and take 500 calories from it – that is the maximum amount of calories you should consume per day and your new daily calorie target. The criteria written by the United States Department of Agriculture is also very useful and consists of: A calorie intake recommendation based on age and daily exercise duration. For example an active level is that of someone who exercises more than 60 minutes per day, a moderate level 30-60 minutes and a sedentary level is 30 mins or less per day.

Study the list below to see how many calories you require.

If you are between the ages of 19-25:

You require 2000 calories per day if sedentary

You require 2200 calories if moderately active

You require 2400 calories if very active

If you are between the ages of 26-50:

You require 1800 calories per day if sedentary

You require 2000 calories if moderately active

You require 2000 calories if moderately active

If you are between the ages of 51-99:

You require 1600 calories per day if sedentary

You require 2000 calories if moderately active

You require 2200 calories if very active

What comes next?

The next step is to keep track of your daily calorie intake. An easy way to do this is use an online tool or program, which are free to download. You can even use your Smartphone with so many free apps out there I’m sure you’ll find one! The old fashioned method however is still very effective… writing your calorie intake down using pad and pen!

The fun begins!

Planning your new tasty diet can be fun. It is fun to plan a diet that diet gives you new found energy. And it is even more fun planning a diet that will cause you to lose weight. By using the calorie counting method you will be doing all three! The USDA states that half of what we consume should be vegetables which may sound boring however if you use vegetable based recipes a taste sensation awaits you! You will feel increasingly better in yourself the more fruit and vegetables you eat and not only that they are low in calories and will keep you full. Achieving your desired weight loss target will be easy if you fill your plate with those. The next important ingredient in your diet should be protein and whole grains which will give you even more energy. If you drink tea or have cereal then low-fat dairy is also a good option.

Personalize your choices!

You can eat anything you want. However, take care to limit those extra calories. Treat yourself! But be moderate. Do you want to eat six small meals? Do you want to eat three bigger meals? Do you want to try exotic, ethnic foods? Or would you rather stay with well-known comfort food? Do it your way! That is the beauty of using calories to lose weight. You have freedom and flexibility. You can design a diet that works best for you.

Make it happen!

You have the tools you need to succeed. You know that you must use calories to lose weight. You know your calorie target. You have an easy-to-use tool to record your calories each day. You are going to use fruits and vegetables as one key to success. You’ve got the USDA plate approach to healthy eating. Plus you are going to do it your way! Go for it! You are on your way to a great diet and great weight loss.

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