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Your experience with the HCG diet is or is about to be extremely positive.  This may motivate you to continue injections or drops even after your first cycle has been completed.  But you actually are doing more harm than good, as you shall soon learn.  It is strongly advised that you immediately discontinue the injections or drops in order to give your system a break.  In fact, it is suggested that you cycle off the treatment for a three-to-six week period. Keep in my that your body has been functioning on 500-calories per day for an extended period of time.  The idea behind the HCG diet is to “shock” your system.  In other words, changing your daily routine when it comes to your eating habits —  such as what you specifically eat, how much, and how often — can act as a catalyst towards positive results for your body.  But staying on this dietary routine for too long can actually set you back and is considered dangerous to your health.  The reason simply involves common sense. For example, if your daily schedule is filled with the exact same events at the exact same time of day — it is safe to say that for most of us — our lives are or would become boring or monotonous.  The same holds true if you stay on injections or drops for too long.  Your body will surely adapt to the treatment.  Therefore the “shock” value to your system...

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HCG Diet Meat in Tomato Sauce

3.5 oz of the meat of your choice (beef, chicken, shrimp, fish) 1 large or 2 small Tomatoes 1/4 tsp. of Garlic salt 1/4 tsp. Onion salt 1/4 tsp. Italian Seasoning Steps: 1. Slice the tomatos 2. Sautee on medium heat 3. When they start to get soft, smash them up and put some of the Italian Seasoning. 4. In the meantime – take the meat, sprinkle the seasoning on top. 5. Put seasoned meat on a George Foreman Grill or any type of grill. 6. Cook meat until done. This is one of my favorite recipes and infact I have gotten in a habit of eating this way. I hope you enjoy...

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HCG Recipe Strawberry Vinaigrette

Strawberry Vinaigrette (enjoy with Arugula salad) Ingredients: Strawberries 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice Stevia to taste Dash of salt Dash of cayenne (optional) Fresh ground black pepper to taste Stevia to taste Directions: Combine all ingredients in food processor. Puree until smooth. Pour over fresh arugala or green salad. Garnish with sliced strawberries and freshly ground black pepper. Variations: use as a marinade or sauce for chicken. Makes 1 serving (1 fruit) This recipe is 1 of the 200 recipes from The HCG Dieter Gourmet Cookbook. Click on link to learn more. Tip: Make extra, so that it is handy and can be used for future salads or as a sauce for your meat....

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Beauty Products and the HCG Diet

The use of beauty products, especially among women, can be as frequent as breathing air. But you should be cautious about which specific beauty products are used while on the HCG diet. Oils, fats, ointments, and creams can actually hamper efforts to lose unwanted body fat. These beauty products may be good for your skin. Unfortunately, when it comes to the HCG diet that is not the case. The fats in the beauty products have negative affects on weight loss during the HCG diet. The absorption of the oils and fats in beauty products is considered the equivalent to eating fatty foods. This just goes to show that the HCG process needs to be executed with extreme precision. The fact that your body reacts so sensitively to beauty products means it is critical that specific lotions, cleansers, and cosmetics be eliminated. Despite the fact that certain types of cosmetics cannot be used, there is an approved list of products that do not consist of fats, oils, ointments or creams. This includes face moisturizers, facial cleaners, eye make-up remover, foundations, shadows, blushes, body lotions and even lip gloss. Following is a list of replacement options for the products normally used. Lotions: Most Baby oil, Coconut oil, and plain mineral oil (has no nutritional value). Essentially look for lotions with a mineral oil bases. Soaps: Baking soda, Zest, Ivory and Dial,...

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HCG Diet Interrupted

Life can get rather hectic at times.  You might forget or get too busy to receive your HCG injection or drops.  So what should you do if this happens?  Well, that all depends on how long your interruption lasts. If your stoppage occurs for more than four days, it is extremely critical that you increase your daily food intake to a minimum of 800 calories.  This should be done by adding meats, eggs, and dairy products to your diet.  This is extremely important.  The HCG that you had been injection or consuming has now evaporated from system.  Without it, your body will no longer utilize your stored fat as your system’s main source of energy.  Failing to increase your caloric intake will cause you to feel hungry and weak.  If your interruption lasts less than two weeks, you can resume the hcg as well as go back on the 500 calorie diet.  If the stoppage lasts longer, then you need to start the diet over again.  This means loading up on food the first two days.  On the third day, start the 500 calories – also known as Phase...

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