People often send me emails inquiring about Medifast. One of the most common questions that I am asked relates to cheating. These questions basically focus on either how common it is for people to cheat on the plan or how cheating affects people’s success with the plan. The truth is that people usually do not admit that they cheat on their diet.

I am something of a realist in many areas and especially in this one. So I know people and I know that they are not always honest about what they report. That means I figure that they are cheating on the Medifast program, too, and now I am curious about whether they are in the majority or the minority. This article will explore that.

The person asking me this question claims that there is not a lot of information on this topic. I believe that this is the case because no a lot of Medifast dieters are going to admit that they are not strictly following the diet. I can only speak for myself and the other people that I know using Medifast. Most of these people are honest, although I am not a scientist, these are only my opinions based on my experiences.

By cheating, I mean that people might have one or two meals which are not on their diet plan. For example, people might forget their food and simply not be able to follow their diet. Additionally, the truth is that there might be days where people just want a break from the diet. Perhaps the dieter is celebrating and wants to feel like everybody else. These people will be fine as long as they realize that, after enjoying the special occasion, they must return to their daily habit.

Another thing that people do is to finesse the food a little by adding a little fat free whipped cream, for instance, or some low fat cheese to otherwise plain food. I did that a bit in the beginning myself, and it will cause no harm, especially if done only occasionally and if it does not become a steady habit.

So if this kind of finessing can be called cheating, it is likely that just about everyone is cheating at some point or other while on the program. But it certainly is not the worst thing that can be done. And unless it really affects your results there is no problem. I have not found that it changes the results much.

When these people are asking me about cheating, they might be thinking about people who really do go off the diet. In my opinion, a free day is not that uncommon. I make it a habit to try and comply with the diet every day. I would not want to undo all of the hard work that I have already done by cheating, so I try and stay true to the diet. So, in response to the question about how many people cheat on the Medifast diet will depend on what they envision when they think about cheating.

It is not rare to take a day off every so often. And I also do not think it is rare to tweak the foods. But I also think people are not practicing non compliance a lot. People are just experimenting to try to make the diet perfect for them, which is very understandable and it is good for reaching a happy medium. That kind of cheating is probably rather common.

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