There are a great number of people in the world who are frustrated with fat that won’t burn away, even though they are generally in good shape. Laser liposuction offers those people a minimally invasive, simple way to sculpt the body into a more desirable shape. It can dramatically improve the way a person looks, and its results are scientifically proven.

The best way to lose weight and stay in shape is to combine a smart diet with a consistent exercise regimen. A small investment in four or five training sessions can equip anybody to pursue a safe, effective exercise plan. Numerous diets can be found in any neighborhood bookstore, which have been evaluated by the medical profession and which feature tasty, healthy recipes and diet concepts.

While diet and exercise can help you to stay in shape, they are not always effective for eliminating certain persistent areas. Underarm pockets, excess fat on the buttocks, and frustrating belly fat often don’t respond to diet regimens. It is also difficult to target these areas with exercise.

Those persistent pockets of fat might not have been concerning in an earlier age, but today we live in a culture that is photoshopped. Body ideals are more unattainable and omnipresent than ever. A montage of beautiful people and ads for weight loss secrets greets you every time you buy groceries. Obesity is at an all time high, but so is the money spent on gym memberships, exercise equipment, diet programs, and cosmetic surgery.

Much of that effort isn’t directed at obesity. It’s directed at pesky fat that still clings to otherwise healthy bodies. That fat may be more likely to drive a person to extremes of diet and exercise than being overweight. We work out; we eat well; we do our best. It still hangs on. It is easy for someone who already diets and exercises to go overboard to get rid of persistent fat.

The market is full of extreme diets that promise rapid weight loss. The infamous anphetamine-like diet pills are the most infamous, but there are plenty of derivatives. Often they do get results, but those results come at a price. Extreme diets are almost universally unhealthy, and they should be avoided except under close medical supervision.

Extreme exercise regimens can also be attractive to someone who can’t get rid of a pooch or a chicken wing. Excessive exercise, however, can be extremely damaging, and because short-term muscle strain is often covered up by the endorphin rush we get from physical activity, it is possible to cause long-term damage that will make it harder for us to exercise and stay fit in years to come. Ironically, because those trying to conquer pesky fat tend to target an area with excessive workouts, they may cause damage to that area, making it impossible for them to keep it in shape in the future.

Getting rid of that fat with laser liposuction, by contrast, is easy. The laser simply burns the fat cells away, creating a lasting solution that can be done on an outpatient basis with minimal anesthesia. Compared to excessive dieting or exercise, laser liposuction is an intelligent approach to targeted fat elimination.