The ancient drink of green tea is going places and is one of the preferred drinks these days. The truth about green tea is being delivered to us with the help of modern science. It is obtaining popularity among consumers, due to continuous efforts from mass media which is trying to explain the numerous benefits to them and make them use it.

It is true that there are many advantages to be extracted from green tea and people are increasingly trying their best to do that. It is being used in its natural form, as well as in the form of pills, fat burners, powders, perfumes and God knows what else.

In the United States, Green tea extreme is considered as the top selling green tea product. It has got support in the form of remarks from prestigious people on the broadcasting and has largely been approved by numerous celebrities.

Some very well renowned health care experts have given it two thumbs up. This has obviously given a big boost to the sales of the product known as green tea extreme as the various publicity drives have given the product some acceptance in the eyes of the public.

How healthy is green tea extreme?

You will notice that the design of the package is really attractive and the data is carefully printed on it. The impressive packaging also includes detailed information about the clinical research that the product has gone through.

There is one important thing that you should consider about green tea extreme, this item is publicized as green tea product however the truth is that the packet includes two additional substances that are used in union with green tea.

The foremost of these substance is citrus aurantium. This is a chemical that is believed to have superior fat burn properties. This chemical is difficult to obtain thus this ingredient is what makes green tea extremely important.

The other secret ingredient is Guarana. This element has a 10% caffeine count which is good for the body along with which it has certain beneficial antioxidants.

A detailed study of the ingredients of green tea extreme reveals, the product to be an ingenious blend of some very beneficial substances. The product is rich in polyphenols and catechins from the green tea which are the key substances that promote the rate of metabolism which helps the body to expend more energy thus hastening the weight loss process.

TV coverage of the Oprah green tea diets has spiked interest in green tea products recently. For further info about extreme green tea weight loss click n the preceding links.