Many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes. Traditional cigarette smokers thinking about making a switch can find plenty of information about these chemical free devices. The following is a glance at the five top e cigarettes for 2011.

Blu – combining the atomizer and cartridge

Smokers wondering how this device was named will quickly realize once they take a drag. The device’s tip lights blue whenever a smoker inhales. Blu now utilizes a two-piece design, meaning they combine an atomizer and cartridge. Smokers will get to enjoy a fresh atomizer whenever the cartridge needs replacing.

Blu’s flavors include Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, and Cherry Crush. Although there are only a few flavors, they are made exclusively for them by Johnson Creek proudly in the USA. Blu offers nicotine strengths ranging from 0 to 16mg.

South Beach Smoke – just like the real thing

Smokers will find there are a variety of e cig designs available. Some brands offer colors, designs, and even stainless steel. South Beach Smoke prefers to offer a device that truly resembles a traditional cigarette. Smokers can choose from either a sort or long battery. They can also choose between a two and three piece design.

South Beach Smoke offers their customers a few benefits besides their quality product. Smokers who purchase a starter kit can choose to be enrolled in the free Home Delivery Program. This program allows smokers to receive their replacement cartridges automatically every month at discounted prices. Smokers will never have to worry about being without their cartridges. Another incentive offered is FREE gas. Smokers who purchase a starter kit will also receive a free gas rebate certificate worth $100.

V2 – offering a variety of starter kits

V2Cigs offers smokers plenty of options. There are starter kits for every need. Those who are still deciding whether or not they wish to convert to e cigs can test one out with the Economy Kit. V2 also offers kits for frequent travelers, and even a kit including double the contents for couples. Smokers looking for a stylish device can choose the stainless steel model. Another feature offered by V2 is the choice of either a manual or auto battery. Smokers can turn off their manual battery preserving battery life.

The flavors offered are numerous: Congress, Red, Menthol, Cherry, Peppermint, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee. The manufacturer is slated to launch Banana, Cola, and Coconut soon. Smokers who require more nicotine doses will find delight in knowing the strongest concentration available is 18 mg. V2Cigs also offers a reward/referral program called Smoke4Free. Smokers are rewarded store credit every time they refer a new customer.

White Cloud – new Cirrus 3

The manufacturer of White Cloud admits their product is one of the more expensive out there. Their device is built to last. White Cloud consistently looks to improve their products based on their customers’ needs. Through research findings showing most smokers drop their e cig often throughout the day; White Cloud has specially engineered the Cirrus 3 to withstand daily wear and tear. The device will even hold up should it be left in a hot car. The Cirrus 3 is a full inch shorter than the traditional cigarette. Although smaller than other e cigs, this device provides a quicker vapor draw.

The Cirrus 3 is an inch shorter than a traditional cigarette. The device is White Cloud’s shortest yet. The new model provides smokers with a quicker vapor draw. White Cloud’s built to last SmoothDraw cartridges come in Regular, menthol, strawberry, clove, vanilla, espresso, and chocolate. Although the Cirrus is more expensive than other e cigs, customers will not be disappointed.

SmokeTip – vaping at an affordable price

Smokers trying to stick to a budget will benefit from SmokeTip’s affordable starter kit featuring their two piece design. The kit includes 6 cartridges, 2 batteries, 1 standard charger and 1 USB charger. Their Eazy-Drag System allows smokers to enjoy effortless inhaling.

A variety of flavors are available including regular, menthol, apple, almond, cherry, peach, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. Nicotine strengths range from 6mg to 16mg. SmokeTip’s high capacity two piece design allows for a fresh delivery each time. Orders are shipped free within 24 hours.

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