Green tea has become a new craze nowadays, and this could surprise many that the green tea leaves are gathered from the same plant from where normal tea leaves are taken. Since the procedure of preparing green tea is different from that of normal tea, they both differ greatly in taste and aroma.

To make the harvested leaves into black tea they are put through the process of fermentation. For green tea they are boiled. The fermentation procedure makes the plant lose all its medicinal values but gives it a taste which is loved by the public.

Green tea is made by steaming the leaves. Steaming also aids the leaves to hold on to their medicinal values. However a matter of concern is, that the people, who are not from Asia, are not habituated to its peculiar taste.

Edible Alternatives

People who are not pleased with the taste can now consume green tea powder which is perfected by experts. This powder is manufactured in Japan and then sent all over the world.

Tea Ceremonies are a part of Japanese culture and so is green tea which forms a part of all these occasions. The Japanese have proven to be the best in green tea production with unbeatable quality, especially the Uji Tawara region being known for its matchless quality.

Green tea is extremely beneficial for health. Many people may find it distasteful, they should think of the benefits they can get from this amazing drink and try the green tea powder.

The Japanese have been relishing this health drink for many decades, however after numerous researches, the westerners have finally realized the goodness of this drink.

According to various reports, it has been seen that green tea in any kind liquid or powder makes people stable and steadier. It also helps to sharpen the memory and enhance the digestive system.

Green tea is greatly appraised in Japan, it is a customary drink of dignity; the localities make it for the guests to whom they want to pay respect. It is made and served very carefully as it holds a lot of value for them. The western countries are only interested in it for medical reasons.

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