All over the world, many people are obese because of an unhealthy diet that they implement. One of the solutions to being obese and to lose around 30 pounds is master cleanse.

Lemonade juice, maple syrup, water, salt and cayenne pepper are the main ingredients in this diet plan. To prevent constipation laxatives are being added in the plan.

Before undergoing the master cleanse diet, and if you are to lose 30 pounds over a span of 10 to 14 days, be sure that you are in the pink of health and have reliable stamina. Throughout the 14 days, the only intake you will have is pure lemonade mixture.

Technically, lemonade diet is not a weight loss diet. It is mainly used as a cleansing or detoxifying regimen. But since you will consume only liquids, it may help lose you some weight.

For 10 days, all you will take is lemonade mixture. Because of this, the fats in your body will be rinsed out and your colon cleansed. The lemonade is put in the diet to act as a cleansing agent, not a weight loss medium.

During the first 3 days of the regimen, some dieters say the lemonade diet succeed in reducing their excess weight by about 6 to 10 pounds. Good enough, because they will not have to lose those pounds in the gym.

One of the factors that will help you around 30 pounds of weight is the cayenne pepper. A cayenne pepper brings out “natural heat” and it may help burn fats in your body. Although it is theoretical, some people say it is effective.

Master cleanse will certainly reduce your weight if you follow the plan religiously. Your desired weight loss will be attained when the toxins are flushed out of your body and the body fats are burned.

Do you know there is an exact science behind losing weight? Tons of scientific research has been carried out to discover what are some of the diets that work to allow anyone to lose 5-10 lbs easily without extreme dieting. For instance, a regime such as master cleanse diet is a diet program that promises quick results to give you the body you desire in as quick as 10 short days!