Everyday, there is constant new information as to how to lose weight, and those same things are causing us to gain weight. There is always some new information that is going to be the thing to change everything we know about weight loss. The fact is that the things that are making us gain weight are few and consistent. If we can just make those few lifestyle changes, we will begin to lose weight automatically. These are the 3 biggest mistakes that we are making daily.

1. Large Portion’s – Way too much of anything is not good for you. If you were eating something healthy, but eating large quantities of it; you would probably gain weight. You need to moderate the quantity of what you are eating. In these days it is easy to over eat with such abundant calorie dense foods. In order to stay in a healthy weight loss range, eat between 1200 – 1400 calories and spread them about between 4-5 meals per day.

2. Escalator Nation – We can load a dishwasher in 2 minutes, microwave a meal in 5, and pay a dog walker in 1; we have become a society of inactive people. We delegate even the simplest tasks and avoid any real exercise. The average person takes 1,500 steps per day. Sound like a lot? Well actually the recommended amount is 10,000 steps per day. We are extremely inactive and have stopped our fat burning in it’s tracks. I recommend getting a pedometer so that you can monitor where you are in your walking efforts. From now on, take the stairs, park a little farther, and just take the long way. You will naturally increase your weight loss.

3. Crash Diet Culture – Each day, we are introduced to the next big diet. Whether it be the Atkins diet, the soup diet, the cabbage diet, or whatever; we are always looking for the next big thing. These crash diets and fad diets are constantly messing with our metabolism by artificially making us lose weight, and then causing us to rebound back to above our original weight. Instead of following a crash diet, follow a few simple guidelines. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins each day in moderation. Don’t follow the next big thing, but instead follow what you know is a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t jump from diet to diet. Make the choice to follow a healthy way of life. Eat healthy foods, follow an active lifestyle, and don’t follow the bandwagon. Live by these guidelines and you will lose weight quickly.

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